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The Vine Vera Eye Collection has been specifically formulated for your eye area. This collection is an ideal solution for anyone suffering from skin problems in the eye area such as puffy eyes, dark circles or aging skin. This collection boasts of using cutting edge product formulations that are centered around the wonders of Resveratrol, the signature ingredient in the Vine Vera product line. The anti-aging powers of Resveratrol in this collection can pamper the skin in your eye area and make it look younger and healthier. We suggest that those of you who are seriously suffering from things like puffy eyes or dark circles and need to use concealers to hide them in public, use the collection as a whole. The best way to do this is to add the Eye Collection to your daily skin care routine.

The collection contains three novel products – the Resveratrol Eye Collection Dark Circle Eye Cream, the Resveratrol Eye Collection Age Defying Eye Serum and the Resveratrol Eye Collection Firming Eye Complex. Each product can be used individually or can be used as a part of the entire collection. The Eye Collection helps your skin to look more supple and feel elastic as well. Furthermore, you can hide the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffy eyes within a few days of product applications.

The Dark Circle Eye Cream consists of a nutrient enriched formula that can clearly hide the appearance of dark circles or puffy eyes. Some of the main ingredients being used in this product include Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate), Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), Caffeine and Resveratrol. This cream makes your eye area feel fresher and it is a gentle solution for the delicate eye region. Using the Eye Cream gives you a chance of finally not having to see any more dark circles every time you look into the mirror and also say goodbye to having to look at puffy eyes every single day. All you need to do is apply the product on your orbital bone using your index finger. Gently pat the cream until it disappears.

Before you succumb to the pressure of wrinkles and go in for those painful Botox therapies, you should try using something like the Eye Serum to see if it helps your case. The Resveratrol Eye Collection Age Defying Eye Serum has been formulated to make your wrinkles look diminished and allow you to enjoy the feeling of smoother and firmer looking skin. For best results, use this product right before going to bed.

Finally, the Resveratrol Eye Collection Firming Eye Complex offers you with an ultra-smooth solution for your eyes. This unique formula helps your fine lines to look diminished and also allows you to get a well-rested look. This product contains ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Resveratrol and goes a long way in making the eye region look more vibrant and younger. The Eye Complex is also known to be an ideal solution for those looking to get a more hydrated look. For best results, use the Eye Complex in combination with the Age Defining Eye Serum.

For all those with puffy eyes, aged looking skin in the eye area or dark circles, the Vine Vera Resveratrol Eye Collection is definitely worth a try.

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  1. I bought a product from you in your Fremont St. Store in Las Vegas. Why can’t I find it in your website. It is “Shiraz Instentic Non-surgical syringe”. Is this product discontinued, or was I cheated on paying for this product? I paid $200 for this. I wanted to know the details of this product and I cannot find it in your website. I also bought some other products, and I found them in your website except for this one. Please advise.

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