Vine Vera Chianti Collection


The Vine Vera Chianti Collection is popularly known as the “warming” collection of Vine Vera. This unique collection allows our customers to feel the warmth of these products when they apply them on their bodies so as to understand that the products are actually working. The Chianti Collection centers around Resveratrol, an extremely effective antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient. The Chianti Collection is very popular among users looking to ensure that their skin looks and feels better and it can easily be integrated into any anti-aging skin care routine.

There are four individual products in the Chianti Collection – the Chianti Morning Recover, Chianti Thermic Mask, Chianti Revival Serum and the Chianti Overnight Recovery. Each product is effective enough to be used alone, but we always advise customers to use the entire collection to get best results. You should use the collection once or twice every week for the first month and follow it up with once every month for the subsequent months.

The Resveratrol Chianti Morning Recovery is a rich looking cream that allows our customers to make their fine lines and wrinkles look diminished. The cream is also useful in ensuring that you feel that your skin is being protected from the various stressors that torment your skin all throughout the day. All you need to do is cleanse your face and neck area and use the Chianti Morning Recovery in the mornings. This helps you to bring back your long lost glowing look and makes you feel better about skin aging. Some of the star ingredients used in the Chianti Morning Recovery include Resveratrol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Olea Europaea and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide.

The Resveratrol Chianti Thermic Mask is a unique product which ensures that you get to know when the product is working by producing a warming effect on your skin. This warming effect feels extremely pleasing and relaxing and it also goes a long way in ensuring that your skin looks younger and feels silky smooth. Many of our customers feel that the Chianti Thermic Mask is a decent alternative for those scared of Botox therapies as it hides those fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin look fresher and younger. For best results, always use the Chianti Revival Serum after the Chianti Mask.

The Resveratrol Chianti Revival Serum makes you feel relaxed by trying to relieve the facial contractions which ultimately lead to wrinkles. The serum also helps you to get a hydrated look and makes your skin look more elastic. The serum is best applied directly after using the Chianti Mask, before the mask dries up on your skin. Some of the main ingredients used in the Chianti Revival Serum include Resveratrol, Sodium Hyaluronate and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.

Finally, the Resveratrol Chianti Overnight Recovery has been designed to act as a restorative treatment for the skin. It allows your skin to look better and hydrated and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue upon application. The product is best applied at night right before sleeping so that you can get younger and smoother looking skin the next morning. Be careful to avoid the eyes and use gentle circular motions while applying the product.

The Vine Vera Chianti Collection is one of the most inspiring collections of Vine Vera and it also ranks among the best collections offered by the brand.

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  1. I purchased your Eye collection while in Las Vegas. I have had it for a couple of years and am out now and would like a price list. I am retired and can’t buy all the products but used the eye collection all over my face and would like to purchase the eye collection as it has been great for my undereye and crow feet wrinkles. Thank you!

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