Unearthing Four Essential Products To Be Applied Before Hitting The Beach

Woman Laying On A Beach

Hitting the beach is one of the most cherished activities of people. However, they must take into account various things before going following their passion. Of course, effective care of their skin and body need to be ensured as well. Exposing the skin to the sun can be really fatal in the long run since one could get affected with irreparable damage. Using SPF is necessary, for sure, however, there are some other ingredients that need to be explored in the case when the body is exposed to the sun a lot. So, here are four essential products that need to be applied, besides using sunscreen, whenever a person is thinking of spending his time at the beach or at pool.


First and foremost ingredient that could be of immense help in this case is antioxidants. A sunscreen or a cream loaded with antioxidants can bring wonders actually. This is because they are found to be greatly effective in preventing skin damage because of the sun. They basically work by deactivating the harmful chemicals that are present in the body. These harmful chemicals are actually known as free radicals. These free radicals can be really detrimental to the cell structure. So, a person who is exposing his body quite often has to include antioxidants in his skincare regiment compulsorily if he wants to take best care of his skin. So, combination of sunscreen and antioxidants is perfect to ward off the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun.


Again, moisturizer is another great product for people who expose their skin to the sun most of the times. See, continuous exposure to the sun wreaks havoc on the skin, since it leaves the skin completely dry and flaky. The body craves for moisture in this case. So, it is a great idea to always apply moisture before one is planning to go out in the open. Earlier application of moisture ensures that it is absorbed effectively by the skin, which actually produces good results. Furthermore, there are moisturizers that come with oil-free formulae and have SPF as well. So, this is also a good option.

Hair Protectant

Similar to the skin, protection of hair must also be ensured. This is because the rays of the sun have detrimental impact on the scalp, which is completely dried after continuous exposure to the sun. So, this dried scalp is unable to provide any nourishment to hair. Moreover, one’s hair turns brittle, hard, and dull as well, and it becomes extremely difficult to manage this type of hair. Hence, one must use hair protectant as well prior to exposing their body to the sun. This hair protectant acts as a shield and protects scalp and hair from scorching heat and harmful radiations of the sun as well.

Lip Protectant

Protection of lips becomes mandatory since they are supersensitive to sun. So, one must make sure that they wear lip balms whenever they go out in the open, since otherwise, lips could not only develop wrinkles, they could get severely damaged as well. Moreover, there is a greater chance of skin cancer as well in this case. So, precaution is better and one must never forget to apply lip protectant.

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