Skin Care Q&A

Vine Vera Skin Care Q&A
To help you answer all your doubts about skin care, we have come up with a Skin Care Q&A page that offers you with answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. Browse through these questions to see if you can find the answers to your skin care issues here. If not, contact us with your question and we will be more than happy to offer you with the right solutions for all your skin care problems. You can also visit the nearest Vine Vera store for a free skin consultation from our skin experts.

How often should I shave?
You can shave as and when you feel like shaving. We would suggest that you stay away from those multiple blade razors as they can lead to ingrown hair and shaving nicks. Single edge razors are considered to be the best and safest. Ultimately, the problem is not how often you shave. It lies in what tools you use to shave.

What are the best anti-aging ingredients?
There are a number of ingredients that are known to work wonders in terms of anti-aging. Of course, we believe that Resveratrol is among the most powerful and safest anti-aging ingredients out there. But, this doesn’t take anything away from ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), peptides, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Idebenone and Coffee Berry.

I always end up getting while purchasing sunscreens. There’s just so much to choose from? What should I look for?
The best way to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun is to go for a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. This offers you with the required UVA and UVB protection and helps you to ensure that your skin doesn’t get damaged from the sun’s rays. Make sure that you apply the sunscreen every single day, irrespective of whether you’re indoors or outdoors, whether it’s rainy or cloudy. Don’t forget to re-apply once in every 2 hours of sun exposure as well. Furthermore, it is not enough to rely completely on your sunscreens. Use things like sunglasses, broad-rimmed hats and full sized clothing to properly protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

How long can I use my skin care products for once I open them?
Think of your skin care products like your cosmetics. Each product has its own expiry period. We would suggest that you keep a track of your products and how long does it take for them to cross the expiry date. You can find this information printed on the product containers. Ideally, most products last for anything between 6 months – 12 months after you open them. We would suggest to replace your UV series once every quarter.

No matter what I do, I am not able to soften my beard. Can you help?
The best way to soften your beard is to apply some pre-shave creams on your beard. You should be doing this on a daily basis, irrespective of whether you plan to shave on the given day or not. These pre-shave creams act as emollients for your facial skin and your coarse beard hair, making both look and feel softer. We would advise you to make sure that you avoid using alcohol based products on your beard. Stay away from products that use castor oil as well. The problem with castor oil is that it makes your skin more oily than necessary.

How do I figure out what product is right for my skin?
It is next to impossible for you to perfectly work out what products suit your skin the best. You can keep a track of some ingredients that hurt your skin and some that are particularly beneficial for your skin. However, understanding which products suit your skin is very difficult. Ideally, we would advise you to discuss this problem with a skin specialist and ask him/ her to help you chalk out your skin care routine and understand what products suit your skin. You can always visit the nearest Vine Vera store for a free skin consultation from our in-house skin specialists. We don’t just offer you with solutions about what product to use, but also let you know what habits can help you better your skin.

What are the causes of dry skin?
There are a number of causes for dry skin. Some of the most common causes of dry skin include –
1. UV Radiation – The UV rays of the sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Apart from giving you freckles and blotches, they also lead to dry skin. If you don’t prevent and limit this exposure, your skin can end up losing its sebum and moisture. This weakens the barrier function of the outermost layer of your skin, which ultimately leads to dry skin
2. Humidity – If you’ve ever noticed this, you’re more likely to suffer from dry skin during the winters. This is because of a lower level of humidity in the environment. However, dry skin isn’t limited to the winter months anymore. Things like staying indoors during the summers and excessive air conditioning also lead to dry skin. You can also develop dry skin symptoms on windy days.
3. Over-cleansing – Using harsh cleansers or over-cleansing causes a loss in the sebum and the intercellular lipids that have been tasked with acting as natural moisturizers for your skin. This results in dry and dull looking skin.
4. Improper lifestyles – Improper habits such as unbalanced diets, lack of sleep, excessive stress, smoking and alcohol can also lead to dry skin because of the fact that they boost the production of free radicals in your body.

Hopefully, this Q&A section helps you to find the answers to some of the questions that have been constantly haunting you. If you still have a skin issue and cannot find a solution, all you need to do is contact us with your problem. We would be more than happy to help!

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