Indispensable Hair Care Tips To Brace Cold Weather Effectively


Sudden change in the weather and arrival of biting cold make the hair brittle and dry. People are unable to confront this sudden change, and are seen grappling with the problem of dull and lifeless hair. Hair breakage is a common phenomenon too. Moreover, hair tends to becomes frizzy and static, which makes it nearly impossible to manage the hair. However, there are some highly effective tips for taking the best care of the hair.

Never Go For Hot Showers

People are inclined to go for hot water showers in winters as an instant solution to the chilling winds. However, this wreaks havoc on the skin and the hair, as the hot water takes away the natural moisture of the hair and the skin, leaving the skin and hair completely void of moisture. As a result, the hair appears lifeless and drab, making people under-confident. So, people must always go for lukewarm water in winters.

Condition The Hair

In the absence of enough moisture in the hair, there is a dire need to condition the hair properly, so as to prevent it from becoming static and dull. So, conditioning the hair is a prime requirement in winters.

Say No To Heating Tools

With the proliferation of hair-care products and styling devices, people are inclined to use these products and tools instinctively in order to treat their hair and don the magical look. However, overreliance on these tools and products proves detrimental for the hair in the long run, since one starts experiencing some common hair problems, including hair breakage, hair fall, etc. So, in order to avoid the hair from undergoing an irreparable damage, one must avoid these heat styling devices.

Never Brush The Hair In Excess

Brushing is a natural process; however, doing it in excess can prove detrimental for the hair. So, one must never over-indulge in this activity. Further, the comb must be wide-toothed so as to detangle the hair without breaking it. These simple things must be taken into account to prevent the hair from damaging.

Keep The Tresses Covered

The tresses of the hair must be covered with hats, scarves, etc. in order to prevent them from getting exposed to sun, and other harmful substances in the environment. Cold weather invariably causes a lot of damage to the hair, so, covering the hair appears to be the most sensible step.

Use Dry Shampoo

Shampooing in excess can cause damage to the hair, since the natural moisture of the hair is lost. So, one must limit the number of times they shampoo their hair. Moreover, one must form the habit of using dry shampoo, and clean the hair without water.

Oil The Hair Regularly

Regular application of oil is another great step to ensure good health of the hair. This is because oil locks the natural moisture of the hair in the locks, thereby preventing the hair from going dry, rough, brittle, and lifeless. Hence, people must make it a point to regularly apply oil to their hair. This activity should be done at least once in a week in order to replenish the hair with essential nutrients.

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