Exceedingly Effective Ways To Balance The pH Level Of The Skin

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Maintaining pH balance of the skin is extremely important for women. This is because the imbalance of pH level is the main cause behind the occurrence of various problems like dryness, acne, and irritation to name a few. These problems indicate that there is something wrong with the pH level of the outermost protective layer of the skin. So, it becomes pivotal to focus upon this aspect. There are various ways that could help one maintain this balance. Here are some of these ways.

Choose Mild Cleansers

First off, one must understand that skin is very sensitive part of body, and exposure of skin to strong chemicals can wreak havoc on it. So, one could make a start by choosing mild cleansers, since skin has to be cleansed at least twice in a day in order to get rid of the dust and dirt. So, one must always pick mild cleansers that are rich in glycolic acids. They contain AHA which helps smooth the skin without causing redness or irritation to the skin. Moreover, one must always go for lipid-free formulae. And, one must be alert to the reaction of the skin to cleansers. For instance, if one feels that the cleanser is stinging the skin, then it implies that the cleanser is too acidic. So, one must refrain from continuing with such cleansers.

Compensate For The Loss Of Moisture

Now, one has to compensate for the loss of moisture. This loss occurs due to a number of factors. One loses moisture due to exposure to the environment, cleansing, exposure to extreme heat, etc. This basically imbalances the pH level of the outermost layer of the skin. Hence, one needs to compensate for the loss of moisture by locking in right dose of moisturizer into the skin. So, one must apply the moisturizer frequently. Furthermore, it must be massaged on the skin, so as to ensure that it seeps into the deeper layers of the skin, and is absorbed effectively. So, moisturizer basically helps in creating a barrier, which prevents the outermost layer of the skin from getting affected due to external factors. Moreover, women with extremely dry skin are also advised to apply oil sometimes, in order to create this barrier.

Drink Plenty Of Water

One needs to drink plenty of water in order to maintain pH level of the skin. Moreover, one must understand that water is alkaline in nature, and this is the reason it is liked by the body and the skin. This further implies that one must refrain from acidic drinks like sodas. Furthermore, sugar is also harmful for the skin, and its pH balance, since it increases glycation. Women age faster in this case. So, only simple water must be taken.

Limit Exposure Of Skin To Hot Water

The best way to maintain pH level of skin is to limit the exposure of skin to hot water. Moisture is basically lost due to exposure to hot water. And, loss of moisture implies loss of pH balance. So, one must avoid taking hot showers. So, only tepid water must be used. These little things could make a great difference ultimately in maintaining pH level of the skin.

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