Highly Successful Night Skin Care Habits To Maintain Youthful Appearance

Woman Posing Sleeping

People are always crazy to don attractive looks; however, they are seen to be lured by gimmicks as they buy a number of beauty products without actually knowing how to apply those properly. So, sometimes they are seen to simply put on layers of make-up without even realizing that it is must to remove it before going to bed. Moreover, the concept of nigh skincare routine seems to be conspicuously absent from their regimen. However, on the contrary, one should remember that night skin care habits could eventually help them get the skin that they had desired all throughout their lives. So, one must divert their attention towards adopting a good night skin care routine.

Remove Makeup

First and foremost habit of skin care that must be adopted by people without fail is to ensure that they remove all the layers of make-up that they had stacked up in the morning. This will ensure that the face gets a chance to breathe in fresh air, and that it doesn’t feel smothered. So, this activity is a must to do for everyone wearing the make-up in the morning.

Wash The Face

Washing the face seems to be an inconsequential step in night care routine; however, choosing the perfect face wash and washing the face properly could ensure the removal of dirt and dust that must have got accumulated on the face during the day. So, this step is also significant.

Apply Toner

Toners too are avoided by many people, as they take it for granted, mainly because of its resemblance with water. However, toner comes with remarkable properties since they are instrumental in balancing the pH of the skin. Apart from this, they help in shrinking of the pores, and in improving the texture of the skin.


Moisturizing at night is utterly beneficial since the skin gets a chance to heal itself. So, one must go for good quality moisturizers so as to ensure that the skin gets proper nourishment.

Use An Eye Cream

Using an eye cream is always beneficial for the people because under eye area is most sensitive area of the face, and wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots are conspicuous here very soon. And, it is this area which beckons the arrival of old age for a person and affects them psychologically. So, in order to stay young eternally one must go for a good quality eye cream and gently massage it in the thinnest under eye area prior to sleeping.

Adopt Correct Sleep Position

Sleep position also plays a pivotal role in determining how one appears. This is because if one has the habit of burying their face into the pillow, then invariably they are going to attract a lot of germs towards them, since pillows are never too clean or pristine, as they do accumulate a lot of dust, oil, etc. from people. So, one must make effort to sleep on their back as much as possible.

Keep Hydrated

Well, one must keep hydrated even at night time in order to get that fresh and vibrant appearance in the morning. So, one must keep a jug of water along with them and drink water before going to bed without fail.

Highly Efficient Yet Incredibly Simple Tips To Sustain Coloured Hair

Woman With Different Hair Color

People are always seen to follow a number of steps in order to don the perfect appearance. In their craze, they try various things. Moreover, with the proliferation of products in the market, people are always ready to switch to new methods. However, excessive experimentation with hair can prove really bad for hair. So, one must ensure that they don’t over-do the things. And, the same applies to colouring of hair. There is a dazzling array of options when it comes to choosing the dye for colouring the hair temporarily; however, doing this in excess could damage the hair. So, here are some tips that one could follow to maintain coloured hair.

Go For Quality Dye

First and foremost thing to ensure that one dons coloured hair for a long time is to ensure that one goes for the quality dye. Also, one should never go for the price of the dye, and focus solely upon the ingredients. So, a little bit of online research is required to be done in order to pick the best dye.

Choose Hair Products That Are Meant To Protect Colour

As the market is inundated with hair products people are really confused while choosing the hair products. However, if people analyze carefully, they will find that there are specific hair products in the market that are meant to protect the colour. So, one must go for such hair products.

Wear A Hat

Wearing a hat is simple yet highly effective method to retain the colour of the hair. Sun’s rays and dust could wreak havoc on the hair. So, one must always wear a hat while going out.

Avoid Blue Or Red Dye

It is recommended that one avoids blue or red dye. This is because these dyes fade very easily.

Avoid Washing Hair Frequently

Washing hair frequently would obviously affect the hair, and fade the colour of the dye. So, frequent washing of the hair should be avoided in order to sustain the hair colour for a long time.

Never Forget The Conditioner

Conditioning the hair becomes indispensable after dying since the hair becomes brittle and dry after colouring. So, one must choose the best conditioner from the market that comes with the function of protecting the colour of the hair. So, some research is required to be done in this case as well prior to choosing the conditioner as there is a deluge of conditioners in the market.

Use Lukewarm Water

Experts always recommend the use of lukewarm water while taking baths. Tepid water is not only helpful in preventing the loss of moisture from the body but it is also better for the one’s hair. This is because the colour of hair could fade easily when it is treated with hot water.

Regularly Massaging The Hair

Well, after one has gone through the process of colouring the hair, it becomes necessary to pamper the hair. That is, one needs to ensure that special attention is given to the hair. So, one must be wary of harmful hair products, and always massage the hair regularly. Warm coconut oil could be used in this case to sustain the hair colour.

Novel And Highly Effective Beauty Habits Worthy Trying

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People are always conditioned to follow certain old and traditional beauty habits, so much so, that they fail to experiment with the novel ways of improving their appearance by following latest beauty habits that are a lot more effective than the previous habits. So, here is a list of some of the modern beauty habits that are worth giving a try.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Experimenting

The first and foremost rule for adapting to the latest trends is to make sure that one is not afraid of experimenting. It seems people are daring enough to experiment with their makeup only when they are in their teens, and as soon as they enter their 20s they grow more wary of the latest products in the market. They are happy with their old methods of beauty care, which invariably inhibits their progress. So, in order to adapt to the latest trends one must embrace the process of experimenting with the latest trends in the market.

Don’t Feel Guilty Of Discarding The Hackneyed Habits

Conditioning can really make one have guilt feelings if they try to do away with the old practices. However, one must never feel even a tinge of guilt for not following what their parents told them. For instance, there is no reason why a person can’t try the latest lip gloss in the market. It is not at all inappropriate to do so since it only enhances the appearance of a person.

Embrace New Hair Trends

People are always worried about what others would say of them. This is the reason they keep on donning the natural hair without experimenting with the latest hair trends. However, there are a number of temporary hair trends that one could adopt in order to change the way they look. This not only changes the appearance of a person but also makes them feel confident and buoyant.

Go For Odd Lip Colour

Life must be lived to the fullest; so, one must have no inhibitions set for them. Going for odd lip colour should never be a problem for anyone. So, one just needs to apply that unnatural purple or yellow colour if they feel like that suits them. So, it is better to be a trendsetter rather than following the well-established norms.

Go For Beauty Blenders

Beauty Blenders are the latest thing that one needs to use. They are instrumental in changing the appearance of a person. So, they must be tried as they are not at all harmful.

Try False Eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes can completely change the way one appears. In fact, it is the best accessory among the elites nowadays as they couldn’t hold themselves from donning a completely youthful appearance. This improves their self-confidence and self-esteem as well.

Pay Careful Attention To The Beauty Tutorials

In this modern technological age, there is no dearth of information. Similar is the case with beauty care tips. There are a number of beauty tutorials that are readily available on the internet. One must watch them carefully in order to dispel any kind of myths that they have been harbouring in their mind regarding the harmful effects of the latest products that are available in the market.

Unearthing The Formula For Getting The Ageless Looking Face

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Aging is a natural process and inevitable one would eventually appear old and fragile. However, it is noticed that while certain people age faster there are some who look young eternally. So, this puts people in tizzy as they fail to locate the method behind the youthful appearance of such people. It is quite evident that these people haven’t been following the correct methods and that is why their faces show pre-mature signs of aging. So, here is the formula for getting the ageless looking face.

Preventing The Occurrence Of Puffiness Under The Eyes

The first and foremost sign of aging exhibited by the face is via the eyes. The skin under the eyes becomes puffy and embarrasses a person. The loose skin is a nightmare for such people and they are at a loss to handle this. However, such a condition should be appropriately treated by surgical blepharoplasty that checks the loose skin and keeps it intact, which prevents the puffiness around the eyes and give a buoyant appearance to people.

Replacing The Lost Volume Of Fat

Aging has its toll on the people; however, if they had been quite casual throughout their lives then they must have lost a lot of volume of fat from their skin. So, it is time to get back the fat by restoring it through various procedures like fat transfer or by the application of subdermal fillers that are injected into the skin deeply in order to give back the skin its vitality and sheen that it has lost.

Redefining Contours And Jawline

The slack appearance of the skin is quite common in old people. The skin loses all its elasticity and sagging of the skin occurs. However, this affects the natural looks of a person, and they feel under-confident while communicating with others. So, it becomes mandatory to treat these sagging structures and fix the muscles, tissues and fat. This further redefines the contours and jawline of a person as the skin is tightened.

Spot Free And Smoother Skin

There are a number of ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and provide it a smoother and spot free appearance. Some of the key ingredients include amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and other ceramids and serums. Moreover, one must use effective moisturizer as well to ensure a shiny and plump skin.

Healthy Diet And Balanced Lifestyle

Whatever skincare products one may apply the desired objectives are hard to be met unless one focuses on eating a healthy diet and following a balanced lifestyle. A balanced diet provides one with all the natural minerals, vitamins and nutrients that provide what is necessary for the body. Moreover, one should adopt a balanced lifestyle as well and avoid taking too much stress, since it is not at all good for the skin or the body.

Rigidly Followed Skincare Routine

Apart from the methods mentioned above, one significant aspect that could ensure permanently youthful looks for a person is the rigid adherence to one’s skincare routine. Quite often it is seen that one has to resort to extreme means to restore their skin just because they have been following a skincare routine in a casual manner. So, if one is disciplined the desired results are bound to come.

Unearthing The Right Order To Put The Skin Care

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People are crazy about donning the most beautiful looks, and for this they try a plethora of skincare products. Little do they know about the ingredients of those skin care products though. The only thing they do is just follow the things that are in vogue without considering what suits their skin the most. They fail to realize that small things make big impact when it comes to taking effective care of the skin. So, not only the ingredients of the skincare products but the order of applying the products should be kept in mind so as to ensure that one gets the maximum out of the products that they apply. So, here is the correct method of putting on the skincare in order to have desired effects.

Apply The Thin First And Move Toward What’s Thicker

The golden rule of applying the skincare products is to remember just one basic thing that works most of the times, and that is, one goes from thin to thick. That is, the products that are thinner and are less viscous should be applied first, followed by the thicker products. So, cleansing the skin should be followed with applying the toner. The fundamental concept behind following this order is that the products which are less viscous don’t interfere with the process of absorption of heavier products. One thing that one has to ensure though is that the application of the sunscreen should be done at the end. This is because one needs to ensure the protection from the lethal rays of the sun. And, the application of the sunscreen towards the end of the skincare would ensure that one has the layer of the sunscreen right at the outside, which would enable the skin to ward off the rays of the sun in an effective manner.

Procedure To Be Followed At Night

Well, things change a bit at night, don’t they? One’s skin has surely braved the wrath of the sun throughout the day and now it is the time for it to recuperate. So, one must supply such products that help the skin rejuvenate itself at night, and regain its lost strength. So, the addition of more moisture to the skin at night ensures that the skin gets what it has lost during the day and appears fresh, glowing and supple in the morning. Moreover, the order of applying the skincare remains the same.

The Exceptions To The Rule

As things don’t behave in a particular manner all the time, the same happens with the order of the skincare that one follows. That is, it is not always the case that the thinner ingredient is never acting as a hindrance in the working of the thicker ingredient. This is because the thinner ingredient with a lower pH value can actually disturb the process of assimilation of the subsequent products. For instance the application of the products like AHA that contain lactic acid and glycolic can actually break down the subsequent ingredients found in the other products. This is because lactic acid and glycolic have low pH, and thus they interfere with the absorption of the subsequent products since they create a low pH environment that breaks the ingredients that are applied later. This reduces the efficacy of those products then.

Unearthing The Secret And Weird Facts About Sweating

Man Looks Sweat And All

Most often people who are going to gyms have the craze of producing more sweat from their body by indulging in some extreme exercises or sports. Even yoga, which is quite common nowadays, is chosen in accordance with the amount of sweat it helps one to produce. That means, there are different kinds of yoga techniques and that some lead to more sweating. However, does more sweating imply we are gaining more out of it? Well, although there might not be some straightforward answers, but one thing is sure that merely measuring the volume of the sweat as a measure to improve one’s problems, like problem of toxins, is not enough. There are some weird facts about sweating that one should know in order to clear their myths about sweating.

Is Sweat Harmful For Eyes

Well, most of the people complain of irritation in the eyes because of sweat. Their complaint is valid because the acidic nature of the sweat along with the presence of salt causes irritation in the eyes. However, there is no evidence as such that explains that sweat is harmful for the eyes. So, there is no reason to fret about it. However, in order to avoid that feeling of irritation people going to gyms could wear the moisture-wicking hats or the sweat bands in order to prevent the sweat from reaching inside the eyes.

Is Hot And Sweaty Yoga Better Than The Regular Yoga

People all over the world have developed a craze for yoga nowadays. Moreover, they are always trying to get the smart solutions to their problems and always think of getting instant cures to their problems. So much so, that they always choose to go for extreme things. The same is the case with yoga. People always have misgivings that hot and sweaty yoga is better than the regular yoga which doesn’t cause one to sweat more. However, experts have ridiculed this notion, and in fact, according to them, one must not remain confined in a humid spot for a long time since they could get the nauseating feeling then.

Is Taking Super Cold Showers After Workout Is Effective For Cooling Off Sweat

This is again a common myth among some people as they go for freezing showers after their workouts, when the sweat is still there on the body. This plan actually backfires as then the hot blood in one’s body reaches the inner core and thus raises the temperature of the body. This is a lethal phenomenon which proves that this technique is not at all effective. So, one must go for normal water baths and that too only after they have evaporated all the sweat lingering on their body. This will prevent the heat from travelling deep into the core of the body.

Can Toxins Be Sweat Out Of The Body

Most of the people try to produce sweat as they think that they can get rid of the harmful toxins from the body in this way. Well, though it may be possible to get rid of some toxins from the body but they are not enough for ensuring and maintaining the overall health of the body. One gets rid of the toxins via urinating. So, focusing on producing excessive sweat due to this reason is not a good idea to harbour.

Effective Steps To Ensure Proper Care Of The Hair In Summers

Woman With Beautiful Hair

Most of the people are fanatic about taking care of their skin as soon as the air beckons the change in the weather. However, there are few who realize that this care must be extended to hair as well. Hair plays an important role in the appearance of a person, and their proper care is mandatory to get the charming looks. However, quite often people take their hair for granted as they never give that special treatment to their hair that they require. They need to realize that UV radiations are as much harmful for the hair as they are for the skin. So, protecting the hair from getting exposed to sun is one of the fundamental requirements of getting smooth and shiny hair. Some of the effective tips that could help one take proper care of the hair are listed here.

Wearing A Hat

As exposure to sun is one of the prime damage to the hair; so, wearing a hat is one of the most sensible and straightforward solutions to protect the hair from the sun. However, this method doesn’t work all the time since people need to part with their hats on certain occasions.

Spritzing The Hair

Spritzing the hair becomes necessary in case one is unable to hold on to their hats in all conditions. For instance, you wouldn’t enter a board room for interview with a hat! Neither will you wear it on the way for the fear of crumpling the crease of your hair. So, hair needs to be spritzed with specific products that contain the necessary UV filter in order to keep the harmful UV radiations at bay.

Applying The Products Well In Time

Most often it is seen that people simply apply their skincare products and go out in the open. However, the products need to be applied well in time, or in other words, the products must be applied prior to going outside. This will ensure that they give the desired effects, as they would be able to soak deep inside the hair till the scalp and reach out to every strand.

Applying Shampoo Straightaway After The Exposure To Sun

Exposure to sun is unavoidable in certain situations; however, proper aftercare must be exercised if this happens and one must go for effective shampoos that have been working well on their hair.

Going For After-Sun Masks

Sometimes it is seen that shampoos are not enough to protect the frizzy hair; so, in this case one must go for after-sun masks in order to give the hair the necessary nutrients that it might have lost while being exposed to the sun, or while washing.

Choosing Proper Styling Of The Hair

Whereas people are obsessed with spending huge amounts of money on various hair care products, styling of the hair play a significant role in the protection of hair as well. For instance, well-braided hair reduces the chances of sweating, which in turn protects the skin and the hair from getting damaged further. So, one must pay attention to various methods of styling the hair as well in order to ensure better care of their hair.

Effective Tips To Adopt Before Applying The Fake Tan

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People are really conscious of their appearance these days, and they are quite often seen applying the fake tan as soon as the summer arrives. They certainly want to outshine others by presenting themselves in the best possible manner. However, the idea of applying fake tan can really prove to be weird and ugly if people don’t follow certain precautions while applying the fake tan. So, here is a list of some of the effective steps to follow in order to get the maximum effect of the fake tan that one applies.

Remove Your Hair Prior To Applying The Tan

Application of fake tan shouldn’t be an abrupt process; rather, one must plan it appropriately. This is because one needs to ensure that they remove their hair at least a day before applying the fake tan. This is done in order to give a chance to the skin to recuperate.


The process of exfoliation is the most important process that can never be skipped at any cost. Exfoliation should be done all over the body in order to remove all sorts of dead skin cells. This will prevent the uneven surfaces and thus improve the appearance of the fake tan.

Remember The Golden Rule Of Starting From Centre

One must always remember that they need to wear a suitable mitt and start from the centre, and then slowly move towards the outer region in circular motions. This will prevent the occurrence of the dark patches.

Cover The Feet

It is pivotal to cover the feet as the orange spots that one gets on soles of feet are frustrating and embarrassing. They reduce the great effects of fake tan. So, one must apply gaffer tape in order to cover the feet. The thickness of the tap keeps away the tan from the feet.

Never Forget To Reach Each And Every Area Of The Body

Quite often it is seen that people apply the fake tan half-heartedly as they leave certain portions of their body. However, one must use all sorts of applicators in order to reach all the areas of the body. So, for reaching the back one must have appropriate stick or spoon of wood on which the mitt could be stuck. This should then be used to reach all the areas, including the back.

Ensure Quick Drying Up

One must ensure that the process of drying is as fast as possible. For this, one could use the hairdryer, or it is better to go in a cool setting as well.

Use Hand Lotion

As one took care in preventing their feet, hands too must be protected while applying the tan. Hand lotion must be used to prevent the absorption of the tan by the palms. And, after the application of the tan one must clean the palms and nails carefully in order to prevent the occurrence of orange hands afterwards.

Go For Loose Clothing

One must always remember to wear loose clothing after the application of the fake tan since one doesn’t want the cloth to act as spoilsport by absorbing the tan. Also, tight clothes will lead to the occurrence of undesirable lines on the skin.

The Three Essentials To Get Closer To Your Skin Goals

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We all love our skins. Face wash, scrubs moisturizers, there are a zillion products we treat it to. In fact, there is a multi-billion dollar industry making its bread and butter of the human desire to look their most fabulous selves. However, despite all our care and caution, sometimes the worst does happen — a breakout of a pimple, blemishes or blackheads that is enough to send many into hysterics. Well, today we are introducing you to a simple routine that will allow you say goodbye to many of your skincare related worries for good.

There are many skincare products out there and it often gets very difficult to choose the right one from among them. However, there are three essentials you must always have around no matter what. These three when used properly, will allow you to look and feel your best and free you from a lot of worry and hassle. Read on ladies and gentlemen.

The Very First Step

Many of us have gotten into the routine of using cleanser in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings which is great, but even if for some reason you find yourself pressed for time, make sure that you follow the ritual in the evening.

A good face cleanser applied at the end of the day has the effect of revitalizing and rejuvenating your skin by removing the tons makeup, dirt, bacteria and pollution, thus making sure that your sleep is really a beauty sleep. That, however, does not mean that you can let go of the morning face cleansing session, oh no. The morning sessions are pretty helpful too, particularly when you tend to have an oily skin type. However, if you are getting awfully late, you can still do with one of the available cleansing clothes.

The choice of cleanser is important too. Most experts agree that a foaming face wash is best for oily or acne-prone skin while a hydrating cleanser does the trick for the dry or sensitive skin. Make sure that the temperature of the water you are using is just right, and let go of the myth that excessively cold/hot water provides any extra benefits.

Pamper Your Skin With A Moisturizer

The second skincare essential is the moisturizer which keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Again, there are myths that people with oily skin should now moisturize, well folks that is just what we said it is — a myth. Even if you have oily skin, you need to moisturize just as much as the next person. It helps maintain a healthy barrier function and can take care of skin issues like sensitivity or irritation.

In case you do have oily skin, you can easily shop for moisturizers containing ingredients such niacin amide. Along with all the usual benefits, these products also decrease oil production.

Step 3 Block Unwanted Things Out

Finally, you have the sunscreen. Often ignored by many, the sunscreen is one of the must-haves of Aphrodite folks. Use it and don’t be too stingy with the quantity either. Sunscreen helps you against radiation and even helps prevent aging skin.

One of the essential sunscreen elements is SPF. So, you can also hunt for a good moisturizer that contains SPF or SPF 30 and doubles it up as a sunscreen too. Don’t shy away from using it at bedtime and you can use it while going to sleep just as soon as while going out for a swim.

That mostly covers it, folks. Use the three products we mentioned religiously and you should be safe from most skin worries and woes. Apart from these, you can also hang onto a scrub that you apply once or twice a week to make sure that your pores stay clean.

Skincare Rituals: Before Bedtime Is The Best Time

Woman Posing Sleeping

Keeping the skin of the face healthy and supple has been an issue that has never lost importance. Indispensable as it is, there is no one sure shot formula that can cater to your woes. To make the predicament of what suits your skin worse, is the unpredictable nature of how your skin reacts. With age, weather and also the linen that you use, the sensitive skin of your face and neck will have some foreseeable, as well as some unforeseeable reactions. This write-up is going to discuss some easy, but essential, skin routine pointers which you can use on a regular basis.

A well-balanced lifestyle is what many dermatologists insist on when faced with queries regarding good care of facial skin. Some experts swear by high water intake, while some stress on adequate sleep. More recently, doctors have also started recommending de-stressing activities like jogging and meditation to reduce the visible effects of stress on skin. Regular choice of a detox diet is also suggested to help flush the toxins from inside out.

However, coming to topical treatment of the skin, the possible combinations of what you can do, is quite a lot. Here, this article is going to emphasize and elaborate on why a before-bedtime skin care ritual is best for your skin. Also, what exactly should be specifically done before bedtime?

Complete Cleanse

Start with a thorough cleansing of your face. Remove all remnants of makeup sediments from your skin. Exfoliation with a gentle scrub and cleansing with suitable washes should be treated as sacred on a daily basis. It just cannot be stressed upon enough- the entire drill is important. You should be exfoliating your skin more in the summer and less in the winter.

Skin Repairs

Bedtime is a good time to treat your skin to a repairing agent, as it will allow quite a sufficient time to stay on the skin and act. Alternately, if you use it during the daytime, it is likely to be mopped off with sweat and pollutants. Repairing agents like peptides and retinol are also known to delay the aging process, so add them to your ritual skin list. Arbutin, kojic acid, azelaic acid are popular inclusions made to repair agents.

Night Creams Are The Best

Finish up with a moisturizing night cream. This will not allow your skin to dry up during the night, especially if you sleep in an air-conditioned room. Opt for a soy based product to enhance collagen production. Collagen helps to keep the skin youthful by suppressing the tendency of the skin to fold and form crow feet.

Due care of the face and neck area on every night before you go to bed, will help you quite nicely in the long run. So do not be afraid of the little innocuous costs that come with using reliable skincare products. It is better to invest now, rather than cut into your health insurance later on. Every skin type is unique, and often it is a question of hit and trial to come up with stuff that really suits you.