Exceedingly Effective Ways Of Taking Care Of Combination Skin

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Taking care of the skin is never an easy task, and it is a real challenge for people with combination skin, since they are unable to decide which skincare routine to follow. While certain areas like forehead, nose and chin are oily, other areas like cheeks, and the area under the eyes are quite dry. So, they are always grappling with one skin problem or the other. However, people with combination skin too could really take effective care of their skin by following certain simple tips. Here are some of the ways of taking care of combination skin.

Avoid Soaps

First off, people with combination skin should always avoid using soaps. This is because they not only cause dryness but also lead to itching. This could lead to a number of skin problems as well. So, they must use cleanser instead. Also, fruit-based products are not beneficial for them since they also cause itching most of the times. So, appropriate cleanser should be chosen so that it keeps the skin moisturized and nourished all the time.


Toner is the best friend of people with combination skin. A good toner has a number of good qualities. For instance, it helps in restoring the pH level of the skin. Moreover, it also helps in removing excessive amount of oil and dust from the skin in a very easy manner. The skin doesn’t feel dry at all by using toner. Also, toner reduces the size of the pores, which is also helpful for the skin, since it is prevented from intrusion by harmful foreign particles in the air.


People with combination skin need to moisturize their skin at regular intervals. However, they should always choose a mild moisturizer. Matte moisturizer is also helpful for people with oily skin, although gel-based moisturizer is also very effective. A matte-based moisturizer prevents the dry areas of the face from dehydrating. And, at the same time, the oily areas of the skin are properly mattified as well. So, moisturizer prevents the skin from irritation.

Exfoliating The Skin

Exfoliating the skin is always important for people with all skin types. This is because one could get rid of problems like blackheads, whiteheads, etc. by doing this. The layer of the dead skin is effectively sloughed off because of exfoliating. Furthermore, the process of exfoliation also helps in stimulating circulation of blood in the body. This keeps the skin in good health as well.

Night Cream

Night cream is immensely beneficial for people with combination skin. They brace a lot of adverse weather conditions during the day, and due to the face that they have a combination skin, their problems are always countless. So, it is a great idea to facilitate the skin in rejuvenating itself at night. Night cream plays a great part in this regards. Our skin is able to absorb necessary vitamins from the night cream. This helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and thus, prevents people from premature ageing as well.

Avoid Touching The Face

Touching the face is a great mistake, especially for people with oily skin. This is because they can’t apply cleanser as frequently as other people, since the drier part is prone to getting dehydrated.

Exceedingly Effective Ways To Balance The pH Level Of The Skin

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Maintaining pH balance of the skin is extremely important for women. This is because the imbalance of pH level is the main cause behind the occurrence of various problems like dryness, acne, and irritation to name a few. These problems indicate that there is something wrong with the pH level of the outermost protective layer of the skin. So, it becomes pivotal to focus upon this aspect. There are various ways that could help one maintain this balance. Here are some of these ways.

Choose Mild Cleansers

First off, one must understand that skin is very sensitive part of body, and exposure of skin to strong chemicals can wreak havoc on it. So, one could make a start by choosing mild cleansers, since skin has to be cleansed at least twice in a day in order to get rid of the dust and dirt. So, one must always pick mild cleansers that are rich in glycolic acids. They contain AHA which helps smooth the skin without causing redness or irritation to the skin. Moreover, one must always go for lipid-free formulae. And, one must be alert to the reaction of the skin to cleansers. For instance, if one feels that the cleanser is stinging the skin, then it implies that the cleanser is too acidic. So, one must refrain from continuing with such cleansers.

Compensate For The Loss Of Moisture

Now, one has to compensate for the loss of moisture. This loss occurs due to a number of factors. One loses moisture due to exposure to the environment, cleansing, exposure to extreme heat, etc. This basically imbalances the pH level of the outermost layer of the skin. Hence, one needs to compensate for the loss of moisture by locking in right dose of moisturizer into the skin. So, one must apply the moisturizer frequently. Furthermore, it must be massaged on the skin, so as to ensure that it seeps into the deeper layers of the skin, and is absorbed effectively. So, moisturizer basically helps in creating a barrier, which prevents the outermost layer of the skin from getting affected due to external factors. Moreover, women with extremely dry skin are also advised to apply oil sometimes, in order to create this barrier.

Drink Plenty Of Water

One needs to drink plenty of water in order to maintain pH level of the skin. Moreover, one must understand that water is alkaline in nature, and this is the reason it is liked by the body and the skin. This further implies that one must refrain from acidic drinks like sodas. Furthermore, sugar is also harmful for the skin, and its pH balance, since it increases glycation. Women age faster in this case. So, only simple water must be taken.

Limit Exposure Of Skin To Hot Water

The best way to maintain pH level of skin is to limit the exposure of skin to hot water. Moisture is basically lost due to exposure to hot water. And, loss of moisture implies loss of pH balance. So, one must avoid taking hot showers. So, only tepid water must be used. These little things could make a great difference ultimately in maintaining pH level of the skin.

Unearthing True Facts About Beauty Supplements

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Nowadays, women are always worried about improving their appearance. However, various factors like unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habit, inadequate amount of sleep, and rising pollution, etc. are some factors that prevent women from donning a scintillating look. Moreover, as they advance in age, some skin conditions like fine lines, wrinkles, etc. become more prominent, as the natural capacity of the body to prevent the skin from ageing as well as other skin problems is greatly reduced. So, women resort to eating beauty supplements that are available in the market. There are a number of beauty supplements, in fact, and some of them bring truly unimaginable results. However, one needs to exercise their caution while choosing these beauty supplements. Moreover, one must also be clear of the role played by these beauty supplements. So, here are some true facts about beauty supplements that women must know in order to get maximum benefits.

Not A Substitute For Healthy Diet

First of all, women must understand this fact that simply popping a pill doesn’t mean that they can overlook their diet. Eating healthy diet is essential and there is no substitute for it. So, they must stick to eating healthy diet, which is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. and contain equally great amount of calcium, and other minerals.

Results Don’t Come Overnight

This is one of the most important things that women need to understand. Although they resort to eating beauty supplements, still, after a while, they simply stop eating those supplements, declaring that these beauty supplements are of no use. However, the beauty supplements are of immense help for people. And, they can bring incredible results as well. However, one must understand this thing that the results never come overnight. So, people must be patient and use the pills for a considerable amount of time. Eventually, they will see that they have got what they wanted.

Supplements Can Help In Reversing Past Damage

Our skin undergoes a lot of changes; while some changes are good, some are bad too. Supplements can not only help in preventing the skin from damaging in future; rather, they can also help in reversing the past damage. Supplements can help in protecting the cell, as well as in minimizing the free-radical damage. So, they can be effective in reversing the past damage as well.

Beauty Supplements Promote Healthy Skin

Another major thing associated with beauty supplements is that they always work towards improving the health of the skin. Though our skin needs nutrition from the diet; still, there are some times when our diet is not good enough. So, in this condition one can always take beauty supplements in order to get clear and clean skin. However, these beauty supplements must be taken only after careful discussion with the physician.

Beauty Supplements Come With Different Formulae And Quality

Again, this fact must be carefully understood by people. Firstly, all the supplements are made up of different ingredients, and the quality of different beauty supplements is, obviously, different from other products. So, one must always choose the beauty products on the basis of the requirements of their skin, as well as the ingredients present in the cream.

Exceedingly Effective Ways Of Getting Younger Looking Skin

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It is quite important for women to maintain a youthful appearance in order to appear attractive. Our body produces collagen that helps in preventing the skin from becoming aged. However, as women advance in age the production of collagen decreases. Still, there are a number of ways that could help in ensuring the production of appropriate collagen in the body, which could, thus, help in making the skin supple and beautiful.


Massaging the face is a great technique to boost the production of collagen. While most women fail to realize the efficacy of this technique, there are millions of women who have benefitted from massaging their face. Massaging the face improves the circulation of blood, and thus, helps in boosting the production of collagen. Women continuously massaging the face have that pink flush on their face all the time.


Moisturizing is next great step to be followed in order to enhance the productivity of collagen. As women advance in age the production of collagen decreases, which leads to the occurrence of dry skin. So, it is mandatory to appropriately moisturize the skin in order to instigate the production of collagen in the body. The skin won’t dry up too.


Antioxidants are a good way to boost the production of collagen. One must see the products that abound in antioxidants and use those products in order to improve their appearance.

Quitting Smoking

Smoking is not only injurious to the internal organs of the body, but wreaks havoc on the skin as well. The sagging of the skin is due to the effect of smoking, which invariably affects the capacity of the body to produce collagen. So, one must quit smoking in order to facilitate the production of collagen.


Toner is necessary to be used in a skincare routine of a woman, especially those women who are in their 30s. This is because toner facilitates in boosting the level of collagen in the body. Not only this, it has other amazing benefits as well, since it shrinks the pores and balances the pH level of the skin.


Exfoliating is a phenomenal step in any skin care routine. Some women constantly experience the occurrence of breakouts, etc. The reason is the constant clogging of the pores. So, they need to use gentle exfoliator in order to get rid of the dead skin cells that are clogging the pores. This leads to the production of new skin cells, which are necessary in order to improve the production of collagen in the skin. So, exfoliating the skin is must, and this process must be done regularly in order to get the effective results.


One must always look for products that contain Retinol, as it has been scientifically proven that this vitamin aids in boosting collagen production.


Sun rays are so harmful for the skin that they can reduce the production of collagen to a drastic level. Moreover, they can eventually prevent the production of collagen altogether. So, it becomes mandatory to wear a good sunscreen all the time in order to ensure proper protection to the skin from ultra violet radiations of the sun.

Understanding Some Curious Facts About Ageing Of Skin

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Skin is largest organ of the body; so, it has a lot of functions to perform as well. For instance, it helps in the protection of bones, muscles, and internal organs of the body. It also regulates the temperature of body. Moreover, melanin levels basically decide the colour of one’s skin. Also, skin comes with natural healing properties. So, here are some other curious facts about ageing of skin, which are important to learn in order to avoid getting affected due to them in our routine life.

Soda Is Bad For The Skin As It Ages The Skin

Soda is one of the factors that lead to ageing of the skin. It contains phosphates, the substance which ages the skin faster. So, one must quit consuming too much of soda in their diet.

Ageing Is Caused Due To Dwindling Level Of Ceramides

Ceramides are lipids that help in preventing and delaying the inevitable process of ageing. However, dwindling levels of Ceramides can wreak havoc on the skin, as it leads to the occurrence of various skin problems like dry skin, wrinkles, itching, etc.

Sunscreen Helps In Slowing Down The Process Of Ageing

Sunscreen helps a person keep the harmful radiations of sun at bay. Sun causes maximum damage to the skin as it leads to premature ageing of the skin. However, if one applies sunscreen regularly, then they can definitely delay the process of ageing, and enjoy some more years of youthful and glowing appearance.

Vitamin C Protects Skin

Vitamin C is always recommended by experts in order to improve the appearance of the skin. This is because it not only protects the skin from lethal radiations of the sun but also slows down the process of ageing of the skin. So, one must consume a lot of citrus fruits. Moreover, some experts also recommend applying the skin on certain parts of the body in order to reach great results.

Skin Must Be Washed Once Daily To Prevent Ageing

One can also improve his appearance by ensuring that their skin is kept clean all the time. So, washing daily removes all sorts of dust and dirt from the skin, and helps one in donning a gorgeous appearance. This habit makes sure that the process of ageing is also delayed.

Sleeping Position Matters

Our skin is affected by our sleeping position. For instance, when we bury our face inside the pillow there are greater chances of developing wrinkles over a period of time. The worst part is that these wrinkles are very hard to remove as they become permanent later. So, one must try to sleep with their face facing upwards, this will help in reducing the chances of wrinkles.

Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells get accumulated over the skin; so, it is better to slough them off in order to improve one’s appearance. Moreover, the pores always need to be open as clogged pores lead to a lot of problems.

Dehydration May Contribute To Formation Of Wrinkles

Dehydration affects the skin as it loses its volume, thereby making the skin vulnerable to getting wrinkles. And, these wrinkles become prominent over a period of time, and make one appear older than their age.

Unearthing Effective Ways To Keep The Skin Hydrated

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One of the most common concerns of people all over the world is the occurrence of dry skin. They are seen grappling with this problem, since this condition further paves way to other skin problems, like breakouts, acnes, pimples, rashes, etc. Most of the people are at a loss to understand why this condition occurs. In fact, there are a number of factors that lead to the occurrence of this condition including low humidity, environmental factors, hot showers, improper skin care, health factors, etc. So, there is a dire need to keep hydrated as this will solve other skin problems effectively. Here are some of the ways to keep well-moisturized.

Drinking Adequate Amount Of Water

This is one of the most obvious steps that need to be followed if one wants to ensure that they keep themselves hydrated. Drinking plenty of water would invariably flush out the harmful toxins from the body, and help in donning a youthful appearance.

Hydrating Creams

Hydrating or moisturizing creams are the next best things for the people with dry skin. They could help one stay hydrated all the time. Moreover, one must learn to pick appropriate moisturizing creams with specific properties. For instance, they must choose the moisturizing cream with SPF properties for the day, and for the night they could opt for moisturizing creams that have more healing properties. So, regular application of hydrating creams enhances the production of collagen, and thus helps in hydrating the skin effectively. So, wearing hydrating creams is an indispensable step for remaining hydrated.

Saying No To Hot Showers

Another simple yet highly effective way of preventing the loss of moisture from the body is to refrain from taking hot showers altogether. One must avoid bathing in hot water for it would take away all the essential oils and moisture from the body, leaving one vulnerable to getting other skin problems like rashes, acne, etc. So, one must avoid taking hot showers at all cost.

Choosing The Soap Carefully

Choosing the correct soap is a must for people looking to remain hydrated. This is because some soaps contain harsh chemicals that make the skin utterly dry. So, one could, in fact, do away with regular soaps and go for moisturizing soaps, since they contain less chemicals and provide the necessary dosage of moisturizer as well.

Moisturizing After Exfoliation

Exfoliation is must for people with all sorts of skin; however, the problem arises if people become addicted or obsessed with sloughing off their dead skin. This is because frequent scrubbing of the skin makes it vulnerable actually, and leads to the occurrence of dry skin as well. So, one must make it a point to exfoliate in limits, and secondly, moisturizing the skin straightaway after exfoliating it is mandatory, as it is instrumental in improving the appearance and texture of the skin.


Ensuring protection from the sun is mandatory for people since sun can cause harmful conditions like rashes, etc. Sunburns are harmful as well since they cause flakiness of the skin. So, to prevent these conditions from occurring one must apply considerable quantity of sunscreen daily, which would avoid the occurrence of dry and flaky skin.

Highly Proven Yet Laughably Simple Skincare Tips For Getting Glowing Skin

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While there are millions of people out there who claim to be beauty experts, there have always been some simple yet effective techniques to don the glowing skin. This is because there is always a section of people that is too lazy to try complicated things in their life. Instead, they prefer to go by the simple procedures that could help them get to their aim of getting that glowing skin. So, here are some of such ridiculously simple ways of getting radiant skin.

Drinking Adequate Amount Of Water

First off, one needs to make sure that the amount of water they consume in their daily routine is adequate enough to keep the skin hydrated. This will go a long way in ensuring that the skin maintains its smooth texture and appears bright. Moreover, one must realize that the skin needs to be hydrated from within as well. So, this is a significant step in skincare regimen that is quite simple to adopt.

Washing Face Regularly

Merely splashing water on the face can ensure that one removes the harmful dust particles regularly. This simple process ensures that a person is doing his bit in preventing simple issues from becoming more complex in the future. For instance, regular washing of the face keeps the pores open, and thus, prevents the pores from getting blocked. And, the dangers of blocked pores are quite obvious, as this is the major reason for the occurrence of blackheads.

Never Sleeping With Makeup On

Another simple way of preventing oneself from drastic skin problems is to make it a habit to remove the makeup at night. If makeup is not removed then it will not only block the pores and cause irritation to the skin but also obstruct the natural healing process of the skin. And, for people who find it too difficult to splash some water on the face, tissues are always the best option for them.

Getting Adequate Amount Of Undisturbed Sleep

In their craze to possess the materialistic things, people are seen to compromise with their sleep. Simply because they think that the time allotted to sleep is a mere waste, and they boast of working around 20 hours or so in a day. However, such people fail to realize that they are going grave injustice to their body and their skin by following such routine. The only time for the body and skin to rejuvenate and refresh itself is during the night when it heals itself naturally. So, one must always have undisturbed sleep for considerable amount of time in order to get the radiant skin.

Avoiding The Sun

Sun is the major culprit for people; so, simply covering the body with appropriate clothes can help one avoid the harmful effects UV rays coming from the sun.

Eating Fresh Food

Eating fresh food is always beneficial for individuals since they are able to get a lot of nutrients from the fresh food.

Avoiding Fried Foods

Fried foods are always found to instigate adverse reactions in one’s stomach, besides taking away all the glow of the skin. So, one must say a big ‘no’ to such foods.

Unearthing Essential Facts About Exfoliation That Help In Taking Effective Care Of Skin

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People who follow skincare plan are invariably advised to follow the process of exfoliation regularly. While most of them simply adhere to this process by bringing a certain exfoliator, there are others who are keen to exploring what this process is all about and how to do it in a perfect manner. First off, the main goal accomplished by this process is that it leads to the sloughing off of the dead skin cells, thereby preventing the clogging of the pores. This further helps in the prevention of other skin problems like acne, breakouts, etc. So, here are some of the essential facts about exfoliation that could help one in understanding about this process in a better way.

Skin Regularly Exfoliates On Its Own

First and foremost thing that people must understand is that the skin undergoes the process of exfoliation on its own after every 4 weeks or so. That fact explains how exfoliating daily is a big mistake. So, one must go for exfoliation once or twice in a week according to the type of skin that they have.

Natural Exfoliators Are Better

There are always two types of exfoliators, natural as well as chemical based. While people can use either of these to accomplish the desired results, they definitely need to be aware of their skin condition and type. Generally, it is seen that natural exfoliators are better, since they act upon the skin in a gentle manner. So, people with sensitive skin should use natural exfoliators.

Myriad Benefits Of Exfoliation

Apart from offering the main benefit of getting rid of the dead skin cells and preventing the pores from getting clogged, there are myriad of other benefits of exfoliation as well. For instance, regular exfoliation helps in the reducing the discolouration of the skin. Moreover, the problem of pigmentation is also kept at bay. All this helps a person in donning a gorgeous look.

Ingredients Need To Be Chosen Carefully

There is a dazzling array of exfoliators that one could choose from. In fact, some people rely upon salt and sugar and use it regularly. However, one must never pick an exfoliator on someone else’s advice, as they need to explore the type of skin that they have prior to making it a point to use a particular exfoliator.

Perfect Time To Exfoliate The Skin

When to exfoliate is a million dollar question now. Well, in order to reap maximum benefits one must exfoliate first thing in the morning. This is because the skin rejuvenates itself at night, and thus, the best time to exfoliate is in the morning.

Understand The Type Of Skin

This is one of the primary requirements to implementing the process of exfoliation in the best possible manner. People must understand the type of skin they have. They may either have oily skin or dry skin. If they have oily skin they should exfoliate regularly; however, people with dry skin need to ensure that they don’t exfoliate too much. This is because it could lead to the formation of acne, and even lead to other problems like breakouts. So, it must be ensured that the skin is properly moisturized, and that, exfoliation doesn’t rip it off the necessary moisture.

Indispensable Hair Care Tips To Brace Cold Weather Effectively


Sudden change in the weather and arrival of biting cold make the hair brittle and dry. People are unable to confront this sudden change, and are seen grappling with the problem of dull and lifeless hair. Hair breakage is a common phenomenon too. Moreover, hair tends to becomes frizzy and static, which makes it nearly impossible to manage the hair. However, there are some highly effective tips for taking the best care of the hair.

Never Go For Hot Showers

People are inclined to go for hot water showers in winters as an instant solution to the chilling winds. However, this wreaks havoc on the skin and the hair, as the hot water takes away the natural moisture of the hair and the skin, leaving the skin and hair completely void of moisture. As a result, the hair appears lifeless and drab, making people under-confident. So, people must always go for lukewarm water in winters.

Condition The Hair

In the absence of enough moisture in the hair, there is a dire need to condition the hair properly, so as to prevent it from becoming static and dull. So, conditioning the hair is a prime requirement in winters.

Say No To Heating Tools

With the proliferation of hair-care products and styling devices, people are inclined to use these products and tools instinctively in order to treat their hair and don the magical look. However, overreliance on these tools and products proves detrimental for the hair in the long run, since one starts experiencing some common hair problems, including hair breakage, hair fall, etc. So, in order to avoid the hair from undergoing an irreparable damage, one must avoid these heat styling devices.

Never Brush The Hair In Excess

Brushing is a natural process; however, doing it in excess can prove detrimental for the hair. So, one must never over-indulge in this activity. Further, the comb must be wide-toothed so as to detangle the hair without breaking it. These simple things must be taken into account to prevent the hair from damaging.

Keep The Tresses Covered

The tresses of the hair must be covered with hats, scarves, etc. in order to prevent them from getting exposed to sun, and other harmful substances in the environment. Cold weather invariably causes a lot of damage to the hair, so, covering the hair appears to be the most sensible step.

Use Dry Shampoo

Shampooing in excess can cause damage to the hair, since the natural moisture of the hair is lost. So, one must limit the number of times they shampoo their hair. Moreover, one must form the habit of using dry shampoo, and clean the hair without water.

Oil The Hair Regularly

Regular application of oil is another great step to ensure good health of the hair. This is because oil locks the natural moisture of the hair in the locks, thereby preventing the hair from going dry, rough, brittle, and lifeless. Hence, people must make it a point to regularly apply oil to their hair. This activity should be done at least once in a week in order to replenish the hair with essential nutrients.

Unearthing Effective Ways To Don Eternally Youthful Looks

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Donning eternally youthful appearance is everyone’s dream; however, only some people are able to achieve this target. This is because these people are not only conscious about their health but they have also unearthed effective ways and strategies that enable them to have youthful appearance. Other people are certainly envious of such people. So, here is a list of some effective ways that could help one have youthful appearance.

Drink Sufficient Water

This step may seem inconsequential to many people; however, drinking sufficient quantity of water helps one in getting rid of the harmful toxins from the body. This is equally applicable to the skin as well, since it is able to remove all the harmful foreign objects that sit on it. Moreover, properly hydrated body and skin appear more youthful and vibrant.

Apply Light Makeup

One must understand that skin is a delicate external organ of the body. So, people’s craze to get instant results with the help of harsh chemicals could wreak havoc on the skin. Thus, one must always go for light makeup. Strong foundations affect the skin in a negative way over the period of time. So, light foundations must be chosen. Another important step to ensure is that one must never forget to remove the makeup at night. This is because the leftover makeup provides favourable grounds for the appearance of acne, etc. Moreover, it eliminates the chance of the skin to recuperate and rejuvenate itself during the night. All this affects the skin and leads to premature ageing.

Avoid Too Much Application Of Powder

Powders are good for the skin; however, too much application of power leaves the skin dry. So, one must search for the powders which are translucent.

Use Lip Liners And Eye Liners

Using lip liners and eye liners can give the finishing to the appearance that make people look attractive. Lip liners seal and shape the lipsticks. So, that means, it prevents the lipstick from spreading and affecting the skin around the lips. Eyeliners perform the same function of giving a perfect appearance to people.

Preventing The Loss Of Collagen

Collagen is produced by the body naturally, and this is an important protein that helps in providing suppleness and elasticity to the skin. However, as one advances in age its production keeps on reducing. However, people who experience early signs of ageing actually need to beware that they are losing this precious protein. So, although ageing is an inevitable process, there are some mistakes that individuals commit, which leads to the occurrence of premature signs of ageing. So, one must strive hard to prevent the loss of collagen. Undue exposure to the sun, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating unbalanced diet, taking a lot of step are some of the negative habits or things that lead to the loss of collagen.

Use Sunscreen Daily

As it has been described above exposure to sun’s harmful UV radiations affect the level of collagen in the body, and it even leads to some other problems. So, one must use sunscreen of SPF 30 daily.

Apply Moisturizer Regularly

Application of moisturizer is also an indispensable step in order to get youthful appearance. Regular application of moisturizer ensures the skin remains supple and radiant.